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Do you want to watch the satellite "channels" that you watch on TV with your mobile phone

 Download the best light application to play TV channels and watch them on Android mobile World TV

Live TV streaming data
Best live TV channels application

 Do you want to watch the satellite "channels" that you watch on TV with your mobile phone

 We answer your question simply: Yes, you can simply watch the best and most popular sports satellite channels, movies and entertainment channels on your phone.

Follow along with me:

  1. You have to provide internet in your Android phone.
  2.  Download the World TV app from the link below.
  3.  Download the launcher for the application.
  4.  Open the application and enjoy interesting and enjoyable viewing.

 More information about the application

 World TV is an Android Mobile application that allows you to easily watch satellite TV channels on your Android device. The app has a simple and easy to use interface that makes it easy to navigate through the channels.

 World TV is a reliable Android app that allows you to watch TV channels broadcasted from the most popular satellites on your Android phone. It includes a wide range of TV channels from all over the world. You can also use the app to record live TV programmes, and the app includes a built-in guide that lets you easily find the channel you want to watch easily.

 Watch encrypted channels on the phone

 The owner of the application spent a long time mastering the placement of the most famous satellite channels on this application. Be it encrypted or free channels.

 It gives us a free opportunity to watch the shower channels that are broadcast from the largest satellites around the world, for example, but not limited to Hotbird, Astra, Nile sat, Eshail sat and many other satellites of the world.

 Features of the World TV app

 This program is unique with awesome features, despite its availability in many competing applications, but it has given the application an impetus and luster that make it among the best applications in its field.. Follow some of the features:

  1.  Eye-pleasing interface.
  2.  Beautiful organization of the content, which facilitates the speed of selection.
  3.  Excellent focus on Arabic TV content.
  4.  Channels playback speed with excellent quality.
  5.  It does not need to enter any codes, it is completely free.
  6.  Its small size does not exceed 5 MB, as is the player.

 From the channel library inside the application

  1.  Canvas Belgium from Belgium broadcasts from Astra.
  2.  Belgian Eleven Sport encrypted from Hotbird.
  3.  Six eren Danish local terrestrial.
  4.  6ter French unencrypted from Eutelsat 9B.
  5.  Bein sport encrypted Qatari from Es'hailSat.
  6.  A+ French encoded from Eutelsat.
  7.  German Classica encrypted from Astra.
  8.  Mbc Iraq Saudi Arabia is not encrypted from Nilesat.
  9.  Mbc Masr Saudi Arabia unencrypted from Nilesat.
  10.  Afro Angolan Non-Music Coded by Eutelsat.
  11.  Cbs drama uncoded dutch from Astra.
  12.  5Star English Uncoded From Astra.

  •  This application is considered one of the important applications in the world of programs specialized in watching live digital TV broadcasts on Android mobiles.


  • So I recommend you to download it and try it.. It is really great.

 Download the World TV App

 Download the prince player

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