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amazing ! How to message any WhatsApp number without saving its number in your phone without programs

A hearty meal awaits you in this article for the best useful and wonderful Android apps for your smartphones

The most beautiful applications

 first application

 Boomerit is a free application that allows you to record and share videos that are played in reverse. The application is easy to use: just open it, and press the record button, or you can also import a video from your gallery or gallery and start shooting, when you are done press the button  termination.

 After pressing the end button, the video is processed in a quick way and then you can save it in your gallery or you can share it on social networking sites to be unique and bring thousands of views to your accounts.

 Download the app Boomerit

 second app

 Float Browser This application is a golden opportunity to have fun and save time,, the idea of ​​the application is to surf the Internet in floating windows, where you can browse the Internet, social networking sites, or anything that comes to your mind in a floating window without having to go out and open another application.

 Open more than one website at the same time without exiting the application

 To control the size of the window, touch the bottom right of the window to maximize or minimize the window, and to control the location of the window from the phone screen, put your finger on the title bar inside the window and drag and scroll to drag the window to a place that is convenient for you on the screen.  What distinguishes the application or this browser is that it is without ads.

 Download Float Browser

 The third application is not an application, but rather a strange tool that you do, as it is designed to be able to send messages to any WhatsApp number without the number being among the contact numbers saved in your phone.

 The method is as follows: Go to any browser on your mobile phone, and in the address bar, type this address followed by the number you want to send, and it is required that you write the country key before the number.  This way for example wa.me/+9677333333311

 Then click on the search lens and the phrase “Continue to chat” will appear with you directly

 Click on it and the WhatsApp application will appear in front of you, choose the WhatsApp application, and the application will directly open the message page for the number without the need to add it and store it within the circle of contacts on your device.

 This method is also useful in knowing which number is using WhatsApp or not.

 link wa.me/

 Fourth application

 Video Converter There are many video converters in the market, but only a few of them maintain high video quality while compressing file size. One such converter is Video Converter. This converter not only maintains high video quality, but also converts videos faster than any other converter,  I tried it and it was amazing.

 My experience with this application I had a video of 16 MB, I compressed it in this application, so the video size became only 3 MB, while the video quality remained high.

 Video Converter application has several other tasks that you can perform in the application, such as:

  1.  Cut Audio
  2.  reverse video
  3.  Cut video
  4.  Join video
  5.  Slow motion video
  6.  rotate video
  7.  compress video compress video

 In addition, it can convert videos for playback on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

 Download the video converter app

 Fifth app

 Lion tv is an app that enables you to watch free encrypted TV channels on any Android phone. This app is a great choice because it is only free during this period. The app is good to use and has a variety of channels to choose from.

 If you are a fan of watching movies, you are on a date with Hollywood celebrities in the most powerful international films, American Tony Cruise and his famous movie Endless love.

 Bad Boys for Life, starring Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and Vanessa Hudgens.

 The application is currently working with a code that expires according to the owner of the program on 30/08/2022, if you are one of the lucky ones, you will be one of those using this global application.

 The application gives you a golden opportunity to enjoy watching the most powerful Arabic, English, French, American and German films and series.  The application works on Android devices, whether phones or TV screens.

 To spend the most enjoyable times, you should download this application and enjoy watching a very large number of the most famous Arab and international satellite TV channels, whether encrypted or free.

 There are famous sports channels that broadcast the most important sports events and carnivals such as the European Football Champions League, and tonight there is a global fiery summit that brings together the Spanish teams Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain of France, and it is transmitted exclusively on Bein Sports channels for the Middle East and North Africa.

 There is also another meeting between Manchester City and Sporting Lisbon of Portugal.

 How to watch encrypted channels on mobile

 Here are some of the channels that the application provides

 Zee cinema for Indian encrypted films, broadcast on the Intelsat 20 . satellite

 Hum masala tv Pakistani is unencrypted and specializes in food and broadcasts on Asia sat

 TFM Senegal Senegal is unencrypted, broadcasts on Eutelsat 9B

 Sky sports Golf encoded English, broadcast on the Astra satellite

 CBS Drama The unencrypted English series for series and broadcast on the Astra satellite

 Motor vision tv German coded sports, broadcast on Eutelsat 9B

 Sky Cinema Premieren HD German encoded movies, broadcast on the Astra satellite

 Teleclub Cinema is a Swiss film that is encrypted and broadcast within the Swiss cable network or IPTV service

 S1 HD Swiss view - the Swiss public encoded and broadcast on Hot Bird satellite

 Film 1 Drama, Dutch encrypted films and series, broadcast on the Astra satellite

 Ziggo sport, a Dutch encrypted sport, broadcast on the Astra satellite

 Movistar Comedy HD Spanish encoded movies, broadcast on the Astra satellite

 Fox sport, Australian encrypted sports, broadcast on the Optus C1 satellite

 General Georgian Formula encoded, broadcast on the Astra قمر satellite

 Alfa aflam Egyptian films are unencrypted and broadcast on Nilesat

 Download Lion tv app

 Entry code for the application

 User name wael2021

 Password 123456

 All the above data regarding the application of channels may change according to the movement of channels between satellites or according to the vision and owner of the application!!

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