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Top five android apps 2022

 New Android apps.  You can download it for mobile to benefit from it in your daily and professional life.

Best five android applications
Top apps

 first application

 Multiple Accounts To make multiple accounts or double accounts, this application is considered one of the best applications in this field. You may need one day to want to use one application with more than one copy on your phone

 For example, the application gives you the opportunity to clone the WhatsApp application to use more than one WhatsApp number on one phone, and the case applies to the Facebook application

 This application helps millions of users to run dual or multiple accounts of the best social networking applications as well as games.

 Download the Multiple Accounts app

 second app

 Asteroids 3D is a fairy-colored 3D wallpapers application with awesome features of real space images, including galaxies, nebulae, constellations and space stars.. With the click of a button, you can install the most beautiful space wallpaper.

 Download the Asteroids 3D app

 The third application

 Night vision Camera is a great app for photography enthusiasts whether day or night, Night Vision Camera captures real photos and videos with minimal brightness without any additional hardware.  One of its advantages is that night photography is more sensitive in color and in virtual reality.

 Specialized in night photography where you can control the low light

 And you can change the sensitivity of the camera dynamically to achieve the best results.

 Adjust zoom in and out from 1 to 8x while recording video like a pro

 Night mode camera is fast and easy to use with photos, videos and live preview

 Download the Night vision Camera app

 Fourth application

 Watermark Manager This application is used to remove watermark from photos and videos in a professional manner by free interpolation technology.

 When you open the application, it will ask you to choose a video or image, after selecting the video from the video files in your phone, choose the item “Remove the watermark” from the pop-up menu, then a rectangle will appear in front of you, drag it over the entire watermark and then click on the save mark that you find at the top right or left  Screen according to the language of your phone.

 Download the watermark manager app

 Fifth app

 Khalil TV is an application by an Arab developer that gives you an irreplaceable opportunity to watch for free the best satellite channels and the most popular and encrypted free shower channels.

 TV live online

 Khalil TV is one of the best applications for watching encrypted and free movies and channels on your Android mobile phone

 Khalil TV is an application that allows you to watch the TV channels of the receiver directly on the mobile phone With Khalil TV, you can control the TV channels with your phone, you do not need to use the remote control of the receiver This application is available for Android devices

 Features of the Khalil TV app

 Ease of use

 Direct access to encrypted channels

 It works with a media player integrated with the application

 Great viewing quality for channels

 powerful servers

 Smooth transition between sections

 Library of Arab and foreign films

 Does the app work with code?

 When you open the application for the first time, a code will appear in front of you. Install it in the code entry field

 Some of the channels provided by the application

 Ksa sport Saudi sports are unencrypted and broadcast on Badr Badr satellite "previously Arabsat".

 Seventeen tv Lebanese is unencrypted and broadcasts on the Badr Badr satellite

 Moroccan Arryadia is unencrypted and broadcasts on Hot Bird, Eutelsat, Badr Badr, Nilesat satellites.

 Qatar-encoded Beinsport is broadcast on the Eshail sat satellite

 Download the Khalil TV app

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